Change Management

Customized solutions for sensitive implementation of organizational change
Change management

What is changing for leaders, teams and individuals in your organization?

What are the key messages that must be delivered throughout this change?

Change management

Are your managers prepared to lead employees during the change?

One thing that is constant is change.

Lee Hecht Harrison can help your change management program with customized solutions incorporating manager and employee training along with sustainability coaching.

Our change management programs are designed to

  • Align expectations
  • Help individuals embrace and accept change in their current business environment
  • Integrate teams
  • Ensure resilience and workforce productivity
  • Retain your critical talent during times of change

Provides managers with tools and techniques for leading individuals and teams through change in a way that refocuses, re-engages, and retains talent.

Preplanning session

Guides employees through a 5-stage process that teaches positive and effective ways to navigate the change process.

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