Redeployment and Outplacement Services

Career transition services

At Lee Hecht Harrison, we take a holistic view of career transition as we help displaced employees explore the possibilities, identify career goals, and start on the path to achieving them. We recognize that every client is different, and therefore tailor our services to accommodate each individual’s unique needs.

Our approach to a successful outplacement program emphasizes a perfect blend of technology and the human element. We are passionate about helping our clients succeed, and support them every way we can as they begin the next chapter in their professional lives.

Program components include:

By offering your affected employees outplacement services, you will help them land new roles up to 50% faster and help the employees you retain remain productive, committed, and focused.

Additional available support:
Each month we distribute a calendar containing events, both in-office and in the community, and encourage our clients to actively participate. In addition to the Career Milestones seminar and the Job Search Work Team networking meetings, which are staples each month, we offer interactive mini-sessions such as “How to Project Self-Confidence,” “The Importance of Humor,” and  “Improve Your Business Writing Skills.” Mini-session topics change month to month, and new sessions are constantly added, based on the interests expressed by our clients.
Although we are not a job placement firm, we help direct affected individuals to employment opportunities through our networking connections from our long-standing relationships in the Las Vegas market and beyond.  In addition, we contact local companies and employment agencies to track down job leads, compile resumes into an electronic resume book for distribution through our network and, for larger downsizing events, we will organize a career fair specifically for your employees.
The current economic conditions and employment trends are resulting in an increasing number of clients with spouses/partners who are also looking for work. In our tradition of “making a difference,” LHH offers complimentary services and resources specifically targeted to the unemployed spouses/partners of our career transition clients.
LHH continues to engage and stay connected with our candidates via LHH Alumni Services and alumni community.  This lifetime membership feature includes content and tools for ongoing personal and professional development, online discussions on a variety of career management topics, and a wealth of recommended print and online resources.  Alumni receive complimentary annual career check-ups for life for individual program candidates (3 months or longer).
We are also flexible in providing relocation assistance for individuals wishing to expand their search beyond their current location. With over 300 offices in more than 60 countries and access to the most comprehensive career transition tools, our clients can access career transition services virtually anywhere.

Redeployment services

By redeploying affected employees into new roles within the organization you retain valuable institutional knowledge, build engagement and burnish your brand, while reducing severance, recruiting and training costs. 

Career transition

Assistance with your separation strategy

In addition to supporting your displaced employees, we offer consultation in managing a downsizing event. We can help you identify challenges and develop a strategy for the notification and separation of employees to ensure you maintain your reputation as an employer of choice and continue to attract new talent.  

We greatly look forward to taking the next step in forming a business relationship and would be delighted to work with you as a valued partner.

All programs can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget!